Bloggers Spot – Judith

Today I reactivate my blog and I have so much ideas for the future!! 🙂

One idea is the following blogpost. I start a new series on my blog- called “bloggers spot”. In the next time I will introduce some bloggers and instagrammers, I really like. They are some creative minds and share their ideas and inspirations with their followers in a very special and great way.

First spotlight is on wonderful Judith from Vienna and her inspirational blog “atelierjudith” and Instagram account. Every day she gives an insight in her artsy life, posts very special photos and articles of architecture and fashion.

In the following you can read the interview with Judith, in which she tells about her life in Vienna as a student, how she developed her own style and what it takes for being a blogger full of ideas and creativity. And of course you can have a look on great photos of her! . If you want to see more of Judith follow her on instagram ( @judithbradl ) or visit  the blog (


Welcome Judith and thanks for joining my new series. Can you introduce yourself a little bit?

My name’s Judith, I’m 20 years old, I was born and raised in a very small village in the Northern of Italy and have always dreamed about big cities. Therefore I’d describe myself as an urban citizen. After graduating from high school I moved to Vienna and since autumn of last year (2015) I’m passionately studying art history and classical archaeology. Next to attending a lot of courses and lectures at university (which is quite time-consuming but always interesting) I’m writing blog articles whenever I have a little time.

When did you start blogging (and using instagram) and why?

I’m on Instagram since June 2013 and started my blog in September 2014. For me photography has always played a big role in life. I couldn’t visit a city, sit at a café or wear an outfit without taking photos of it. I just feel a strong desire to capture things that inspire me or photograph moments that I want to remind and taking photos is the best tool to document experiences but also to let my artistic soul run free. Sharing my photos has always been important to me and Instagram is the best social platform for doing that. Then my friends started telling me I should also create my own blog and write articles about the photos I share. When my aunt bought me a Canon camera for my birthday I could finally take high quality photos and that’s when I was ready to open a blog.

Which are the topics of your online work?

 The main topics of my work are art, style and travel (city guides). But I don’t want to specify because there’s so many other topics that I like to write about. The sub-categories include architecture, interior design, literature, (vintage) fashion, photography and university life. To me the most important category is “Urban guides” – I simply love reviewing cities concerning their art (exhibitions, museums, artists, events), fashion (best vintage shops) and I also recommend other lovely places like cafés or bookshops. I always aim to find hidden and less known spots, because there are thousands of travel guides telling you the most famous sights of a city.

 Your photos have a high recognition value and have a very unique style. How or when did make it to you own style? Was it coincidence or did you specially develop it?

 Thank you! I would say my style is the result (or maybe not yet?) of a long development. I always loved to wear eye-catching clothes but looking back my style used to look so different from how it looks now. Since moving to Vienna I started to develop my own style – maybe because it’s easier to wear what you want in a bigger city or maybe because in Vienna there’s loads of shops with extraordinary clothes. Since living in Vienna I changed as a person as well, I became more open-minded and a lot of my ideas changed and I started to study art history and started to create my own personality. That’s probably why my style has changed so much in such a short time.  

In your last post you wrote about having an own fashion style and developing a unique look against the mainstream. I was really inspired by this article and want to ask you, how do you interpret an “own style”?  

Yes, I wrote about creating its own style and looking different in a mass-consuming society. I think it’s very important to find your own style just like it is significant to have your own ideas of life. The problem is that nowadays so many people are influenced too much by social media and they just follow trends without doubting if that style is showing their personality or without ever thinking of personalizing it. I always wanted to wear things that reflect my character and personality. Wearing what everybody wears means you are just a boring grain of sand in the mass and that’s something I never wanted to. 

And how did you get your own style and how would you describe it? I would describe my style as vintage, creative and artsy. What inspires me the most is 60s, 70s and 80s fashion style and sometimes also paintings/artworks. Moreover I think you shouldn’t have only one style, I like to wear elegant clothes but also casual sweaters or shoes. And combining them the right way is the challenging yet interesting thing about fashion. 

On Instagram we often get impressions of your university life. How is the subject you are studying? 

Yes, I like to share some details about university life on Instagram or my blog because I really love what I’m studying and it makes me totally happy. Studying art history means analyzing paintings at museums, reading a lot of books (which is my biggest dream because I love books) and writing essays about artworks, art movements or a single artist.  My art history teacher at high school always told us if we don’t know anything about art, history, architecture, literature we would travel the world like blind people. Now I understand what he meant. Attending lectures and courses has changed my views a lot and I see/recognize so many more things when I travel. Going to museums and looking at buildings is now a whole different thing to me and it somehow completes me. After some courses of art history you will analyse and question every single matter and that’s an important skill for cultural and social science. Moreover the subject is extremely necessary to understand where we have gone wrong in history. 

Why is it special to study and live in Vienna?  

Vienna is a great city with a stunning architecture and a wide cultural offer. You can go to concerts, gallery openings, hipster cafés, chic restaurants, lovely bookshops and flea markets. Studying in Vienna is great because the University offers a lot of courses and you will meet students are from all over the world. Living in Vienna is nice because you will always find some event, except on Sundays when all shops are closed but that’s when you can go to the park and read a book. I enjoy living in Vienna even though cities like Paris or London would also be attractive places to live in the near future.   

Do you want to tell who are you beside your blog and Instagram. What are your interests and hobbies?

Besides writing blog articles or posting Instagram photos, you will certainly always meet me at places like the library (reading books or studying for university), at cute cafés (meeting with friends or just observing the scene), at museums/art galleries (visiting the latest exhibition), at vintage shops (choosing some second hand clothes) or I will be riding around the city with my bicycle.Talking about music I have to admit that my music taste is high-contrasted; I really like Indie-Rock/Rock bands like “The Arctic Monkeys”, “The 1975” and “The Strokes” and pleasantly listen to legends like “Elvis” and “The Beatles”. But on the other hand, I like classical music by “Mozart” and “Vivaldi” as well, I listen to it for example when I’m reading books or painting (which is another passion of mine). And sometimes I also listen to French music; “Zaz” is one of my favourite singers.

 My last question is, what are your aims for the next time?

Well, I’ve got a lot of plans for the near future. I want to keep studying a lot for university and then hopefully do an exchange semester or year in Rome. Talking about my blog I want to write more articles about art and exhibitions and I’m trying to get some more professional skills regarding the layout and design of my website. And I hope I will keep inspiring people with my style.
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